Idol Hotel - Suite
One By The Five Hotel - Bedroom with Stars
Félicien Hotel - Spa
Exquis Hotel - Intemporelle Bathroom
Seven Hotel - 007 Suite
Odyssey Hotel - Bar'O
La Parizienne Hotel - Bedroom
Idol Hotel - Give Me The Night Suite
Legend Hotel - Dreamcatcher Suite
Black Bar
La Parizienne Hotel - Lounge
Crayon Rouge Hotel - Bedroom
Odyssey Hotel - Lounge
The Five Hotel - Lounge
Hidden Hotel - Bathroom
Seven Hotel - Bedroom with Tub
Crayon Hotel - Exquise Esquisse Suite
La Parizienne Hotel - Bedroom
Félicien Hotel - Bedroom
Odyssey Hotel - Bedroom
Legend Hotel - Lounge
Crayon Rouge Hotel - Lounge
Hidden Hotel - Entrance
Armoni Hotel - Bedroom
Wo Hotel - Terrace
Seven Hotel - Lovez-vous Suite
Idol Hotel - Terrace
Exquis Hotel - Inedite Room

Elegancia Hotels

Design and boutique hotels, each of our establishments has an individual style, but all share the same passion, to create emotion.