The Bob we are describing (Business on Board) is the addition of a stimulating universe where you feel Good and a place with all the amenities to conduct Business.

Who says that "choosing is giving up?" The BOB Hotel & Coworking is for those who want to mix life with work, those who want to be out of the ordinary, those who want to have new work or leisure experiences in the city.

The visionaries, the active, the fortunate. The BOB Hotel & Coworking offers ultra-creative spaces, to liberate us from work because routine is the enemy of productivity and innovation.

A plural, contemporary, designer hotel that is not cold! The anti-conformist. Do not forget to stage your stay and share it #BOBhotel #BusinessEntertainmentHotel #BusinessOnBoard

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The BOB Hotel & Coworking is perfectly located close to the Montparnasse train station. In the heart of the 14th district, the BOB contributes to the reigning village spirit.

Small paved streets, dotted with small galleries, theatres, Parisian cafés and numerous artist studios. A picturesque district to stroll around and discover little nuggets: boutiques and shops for lovers of good taste!

The "Left Bank" is a must-see to visit the symbolic landmarks of the capital.

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Meeting Room to book

Who said that co-working doesn't rhyme with warm and functional? A black banner crosses the entirety of the white room. Black and white walls for this collaborative open space where you can write on the walls, present your latest mood board and initiate discussions. Adjustable, eclectic, and comfortable furniture to fit any kind of meeting.

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A mix of blue, turquoise, and yellow furniture. Cove lighting and skylight to promote natural light.

In order not to lose sight of the fact that comfort and relaxation brings better results, a small sitting area has been installed with 2 plush sofas facing each other. A nap or lunch on the go with the same goal of exchanging between "co-workers" in a chic and relaxed environment.



Dorothée Delaye and Daphné Desjeux have one thing in common: their previous careers in media. This is where the two communications specialists decided to join together to create their "Desjeux Delaye" company. The two decorators take into account current codes while relying on their instincts.

Combining a classic and modern spirit by mixing diverted business furniture, designer pieces, and furniture that they created (lighting, seats, mirrors...); their style is a real composition of unusually associated art.

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