Exquis Hotel - Inédite Room
Exquis Hotel - Intemporelle Room
Exquis Hotel - Lounge
Exquis Hotel - Double Bed
Exquis Hotel - Insolite Room
Exquis Hotel - Dining Room
Exquis Hotel - Bathroom
Exquis Hotel - Staircase
Exquis Hotel - Insolite Bathroom
Exquis Hotel - Intimiste Room
Exquis Hotel - Intimiste Room
Exquis Hotel - Dining Room
Exquis Hotel - Inédite Bathroom
Exquis Hotel - Inédite Bathroom


With this new 3-star hotel opened in September 2015, artist Julie Gauthron carries you into the world of surrealism and art, where the mysterious is omnipresent.

The 42 rooms have been decorated in a retro style, with bargained furniture that tells a story of its own. A unique piece of collective and original art is displayed in each room. These artworks are based upon the “exquisite corpse” concept; several artists have contributed to their creation by bringing in their own unique style. The result tells a fantastic story to be discovered in the hotel’s common areas as well.

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